ALFA project


The main purpose of the ALFA (Auroral Light Fine Analysis) project is the development of the optical instruments to study the light emissions produced in the ionosphere by the energetic electrons that are accelerated at the magnetospheric boundaries of the Earth. The instrument in its ensemble consists of two cameras, all-sky and high resolution. At the first time, we propose to install in Dome C the all-sky which will cover a region of 3000 km at the altitude of 200 km, will have a resolution of 200 m at zenith and 7 km at horizon and will provide a survey (1 RGB image per minute) of the emissions in the polar cusp and auroral regions. Scientifically the ALFA project is associated with the SuperDARN program. The optical observations will provide the information concerning the sources of the plasma convection which is measured by the radars and therefore will valorise their observations.