Coordinated campaign:


KEOPS/ESRANGE 15-22 December 2006


- extention of the scientific observations on-board Demeter up to lat of 72°

- mode « burst» for the Demeter instruments IAP (thermal/suprathermal ions) and ICE (electric field)

- triangulation of the optical cameras in the footprint of Demeter

- simultaneous observations of arcs with the interferential filters of 427.8, 557.7, 630, 844.6 nm of ALIS and large band of ALFA all-sky

- increased spatial/temporal resolution of the radar measurements in the regions magnetically conjugated with the Demeter orbit


- spatial multi-scale observations inside the auroral arcs :

Demeter : 3 km for plasma temperature, velocity, electric field 46 m for plasma density ;

SuperDARN : 15 km along the beam

ALIS cameras : 300-500 m at zenith;

ALFA all-sky: 200 m at zenith, 7 km at horizon.

- temporal multi-scale observations

30 s of ALFA all-sky

0.1 s of ALFA HRST

- separation of the temporal and spatial variations

- mechanisms of the O+ outgoing in the regions of the parallel currents

Example of the conjugated measurements, 19.12.06

ALFA PLC and HRST simultaneous observations, 20.12.06